Sound Services: Pricing

  • Wedding Package 1 
    This is for the bride on a budget. We will provide the sound system for the actual ceremony.   We provide the minster with a lapel mic so they can be heard during the ceremony. We will play the music you desire during your ceremony. And then after ceremony we will roll out the lights and crank the speakers for a dancefloor. We have an extensive selection of tunes and always provide mp3 playback for all of your own personal playlists. Brides today prefer to make their own playlists and this wedding package is for them.
    Includes: Ceremony, Reception, System C, Dancefloor lights, 5 hours $499.00


  • Wedding Package 2
    This package is for the bride with a bigger wedding which needs to cover a larger party with more people. Double the speakers during the ceremony, double the speakers during the reception for the dancefloor system. This package also includes 8 static color uplights for your theme or decor. Color and location your choice.
    Includes: Ceremony, Reception, System B and C, Dancefloor lights, 5 hours $899.00


  • Business Package 1
    This is an entry level package for the business consumer. One high quality wireless microphone, 2 high output pole mounted speaker system so everyone can hear. A provided technician that will do all of the setup, testing, sound mixing during the event, and tear down for you.
    Includes: System D, Wireless mic, 2 hours $199.00


  • Business Package 2
    This is for the bigger business meetings or company event. This is more suited towards outdoors and will have your voice heard clearly from over 200 feet.
    Includes: System B and C, Wireless mic/lapel, 2 hours $299.00


  • Live Mix 1
    This is designed for the small band or solo artists. Our audio engineer will work with you and provide a clean mix for a great performance. If requested an IPad will be provided for you to manage your stage monitor before and during your performance. FOH mixing will be done using a networked IPad and can be done anywhere in the performance venue.
    Includes: System B and D, 16Ch Mix, 8 microphones. Performance duration – 2hours  $499.00


  • Live Mix 2
    This package is designed for the bigger band or orchestra. It includes a 24 channel mix by an audio engineer. IPad controls for on stage and FOH. Bigger mains and more subwoofers. Longer performance time.
    Includes: System A and C, 24 ch Mixer, 12000watts power. Performance duration – 4 hours  $899.00


  • Fair Special (2 day minimum)
    This is designed for the multiday event that needs to have a system running each and every day. A technician will be provided and make sure that each day the event is a success .
    Includes: System B and D, 16ch Live mix,      $600.00/day
    or System A and C, 24ch Live mix      $800.00/day


  • Travel/Mileage Costs

Miles from Corvallis

25 miles Included (Corvallis, Albany, Philomath, Lebanon, Monroe…)

50 miles $25.00 (Salem, Sweethome, Eugene…)

100 miles $60.00 (Portland, Newport, Sisters…)

150 miles $85.00 (Bend, Redmond, Roseburg, Coos Bay, Lincoln City…)

200 miles $125.00 (Medford, Ashland, Burns…)