Mike Vanderford, “Sound Guy”

How can I help you?

How can I help you?

At age 14 I started working with bands, sound, and lights. I had no idea at the time that it would fuel a passion that has carried forth for my entire life. I joined the military at age 18 and had my first real money to buy equipment. After the military I accepted a job as an audio engineer for touring bands in Germany. After college I was lucky to be hired by HP and worked there for 30 years. I then worked for Polycom for another 4 years furthering my immersion into audio, video, and network streaming. My audio skills came full circle allowing me to help create the standard for immersive conferencing and pick up a patent in the process. I spent numerous hours on the DreamWorks campus to bring immersive conferencing technology to market. I have flown to all corners of the earth to service high end audio/video equipment. I was highly successful in my job and would be personally called by DreamWorks, Microsoft, and Technicolor to service their equipment.

I never stopped doing sound. I did weddings, corporate parties, bands, cd release parties, and on and on. I have over 40 years of experience in the sound business performing many different roles. Fast forward to the present: wham, after 34 years in Corporate America my job was sent to India. My initial thoughts were to stay with computers until I retire. But people kept asking if I would do sound and lights for them. I had been currently have been working with bands in Oregon for over 6 years. I have also done many civic events and parties and people got to know my services. I can’t count how many times people tell me how good it sounds today. Laid off, towards the end of my career, but still plenty of vigor left for business I thought about my options for my future. And then it hit me, like a revelation, start the sound business.

Welcome Van Clan Sound. I decided to take the plunge and create Van Clan Sound LLC. It’s exciting for me to bring a high quality sound and lighting solution to the market. It’s a pivotal time for technology as the analog days are officially gone and digital technologies have taken over. All of my computer and audio skills have merged to allow me to provide a high level of expertise in this exciting field. The digital systems today far exceeds any analog systems of the past. You can hear the difference!

Take a look at the website and request a quote for your next event. Feel free to drop me a line if you have a need that is not listed and we can create a custom solution that’s just for you. I look forward to helping you make your event the best it can be.


Mike Vanderford

Owner, Van Clan Sound